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Mental Health & Addiction Awareness

We Provide Batter way for a Happy Life with Qualified Staff

We appreciate your trust greatly. Our clients choose us and our services because they know we are the best Clinical Psychologist in the field of Mental Health.


Our shared vision is to work for a happy, healthy, prosperous, socially inclusive and pluralistic society in Pakistan through Saving Life Changing Mind.

Our mission is to universalize access to holistic Saving Life Changing Mind services for every child & adult in Pakistan. Facilitate through different programs for the vibrant and well lively community members so that they could have full influence on the programs organized for their betterment.

We Provide Batter way for a Happy Life with Qualified Staff

We do our best to implement your ideas into the project to make it successful and profitable.

Ghulam Mustafa
CEO Founder


Saving Life Changing Mind is a strategic alliance, which has been established as a result of untiring efforts made by all our partners, intend to serve as an open platform to promote holistic and inclusive SLCM approaches and practices in the country through research and learning, experience sharing, policy advocacy, networking, awareness raising and professional development. We are positively working to achieve them with the help and guidance of our devoted, dedicated and dutiful staff and Council Members;


A distinguishing feature of Saving Life Changing Mind is that it brings together key public and private sector stakeholders, including the Professional Training, National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination, Planning Commission, relevant provincial departments, academia, private foundations, researchers, individual SLCM practitioners, academicians and implementing partners in all provinces and special administrative regions of Pakistan.


The ‘Alliance’ will promote this mission by:

  • 1- Awareness program in School, Colleges, Universities, Industries, public places & Addiction Rehabilitations centers in Pakistan with collaboration Govt Pakistan, National & International Organization.
  • 2- Research & Publication. The peer-reviewed literature represents the accumulated knowledge of a field.
  • 3- SLCM is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged. Education system provide for students, professionals, unprofessional & Internship program for Students conducted seminars.
  • 4- Manzooran Free Dispensaries for healthy privilege areas in Punjab and Pakistan.
  • 5- Maan Jee Project Our vision is to empower women to make their own choices and to be celebrated as equal and valuable members of their families and communities with cooperation Govt Pakistan.
  • 6- Clean & Green Pakistan & Historical, Educational tourism with collaboration of Govt and semi-Govt Organizations.
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We develop & Provide Professional future in field of Psychgology

We appreciate your trust greatly. Our clients choose us and our Professional services because they know we are the best.

Best Opportunity

We offer Top 10 Internships for Psychology Majors

Top 10 Internships for Psychology Majors
  • Community Clinic Intern. …
  • Research Assistant. …
  • Social Work Intern. …
  • School Psychologist Intern. …
  • Correctional Facility Psychology Intern. …
  • Clinical Research Intern. …
  • Child Developmental Intern. …
  • Forensic Science Intern.
  • Psychology Teaching Assistant

  • Sports Psychology Intern
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Skills Gained in a Psychology Internship

One of the main benefits of any internship is developing valuable skills that you can carry into the beginning of your career.

“Because internships take many different forms and students enter internships with many different skills and needs, there will be a wide range of skills obtained,” Slattery said. “I encourage my students to talk with their internship supervisor about goals and expectations from early in their internship.”

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Our services are adorable and accountable

We appreciate your trust greatly! Our clients choose us and our Services because they know we’re the best.

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